Best apps for celebrating the 4th of July!

These apps will help you ensure your Fourth of July is as stress free as possible.

The 4th of July is a time for celebration, whether that means going out for drinks with your best friends, or throwing an epic backyard BBQ. No matter what your plans are this year, having a few apps in your pocket to help make the day less stressful is always a good call. From helping you to get the perfect grill, to facilitating fireworks, to making sure you hit as little traffic as possible, we've got the best apps to help make your holiday awesome.

Weber Grill

When it comes to the Fourth of July, the first thing you mind may go to is grilling. It's prime cookout season, which means that someone will need to work the grill to make sure everything comes out perfectly. If this is your first time as grillmaster, the Weber Grill app may be just what you need to succeed.

It includes recipes, grill setup, techniques for getting the perfect temperature no matter what your meat is, and it's free — you don't even need a Weber barbeque. There are over 50 different tips and tutorials to make sure that nothing gets burned on the big day, and if you aren't settled on a specific cut of meat, there are plenty here to inspire you to greatness.

Download Weber Grill (free)

Phantom Fireworks

When it comes to having fireworks, they aren't an option for everyone. Folks who live in certain states can't own them at all, and some areas just aren't prime for setting off in a backyard (legally, at least). For everyone else, there is Phantom Fireworks. You've probably seen their stands popping up in parking lots all over the place, and this app helps you find where they're hiding.

It doesn't just show you locations either. You can look through the merchandise from inside the app, which means you'll know exactly what it is you're looking for when you get to the stall. There are also tips for firework safety if you've never set any off before, and the ability to save the fireworks you want in a list that is easy to pull up. For anyone considering picking up fireworks of their own, this is the app to have.

Download Phantom Firework (free)


While grilling is almost always on the menu for the Fourth of July, it isn't the only thing available. You'll also need to consider sides, dietary restrictions, or forgoing meat entirely if people are doing vegetarian. If you don't know what kind of food to make, or even how to make it, Yummly has your back.

There are thousands of recipes for you to thumb through, and it's easy to save your favorites, or add ingredients to your grocery list. Finding themed dishes isn't difficult either, since you can search with filters. Yummly will also recommend recipes it thinks you'll be interested in, and learns what you do — or don't — enjoy eating. This means you can have a delicious spread without touching the grill, with everything you need right in your pocket.

Download Yummly (free)

Drink Advisor

Not everybody will be hanging out in the backyard for the Fourth, and if you are still trying to find plans, then Drink Advisor may be just what you've been searching for. Drink Advisor has the details on hundreds of events at bars and restaurants all over the world. This means even if you're far from home, you can find a place to grab a drink for the holiday.

While it only works in certain areas, Drink Advisor does make it easy for you to find the nightlife by using location services. You can also search by the type of bar, restaurant, or bar activities to find the location best suited to you. You can even filter the cocktails they serve so that you can replicate them at home for next time. If you're looking for a party on the Fourth, Drink Advisor will help to get you there.

Download Drink Advisor (free)


The fourth of July is a major travel event, and if you have a trip planned you'll want to ensure that you are skipping as much of the congestion of the road as possible. So long as you have someone riding shotgun with you, then Waze can be a serious boon to keeping an eye out for everything from traffic, to accidents, to road work, all reported by other users of the app.

This means if someone is keeping an eye out you can see problem areas before you hit them, and take a different route to bypass sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic. You'll even be able to see easy places to make a pit stop for gas, or to stretch your legs if you're planning on a longer trip.

Download Waze (free)


If you plan on taking a vacation over the long weekend, then finding a place to stay away from home is mandatory. If you're looking for a beach house, or something other than a hotel, then Airbnb may be your best option. You can find some amazing places to stay whether you're aiming for one night, or a few weeks during the summer.

There are a variety of places to stay with Airbnb and you can save your favorites to share them with friends or family. You're also able to see the amenities offered by different venues, and what is nearby. This way you get to enjoy the holiday precisely the way that you want to.

Download Airbnb (free)

Hotel Tonight

Not every night goes as planned, and sometimes those surprises are a good thing. Whatever the reason, if you end up needing a place to stay at the last minute, Hotel Tonight can help you out. You can filter rooms by their style, and booking only takes a few moments. This means that you can always find a room, even during a busy weekend like the Fourth of July. You can score great rooms discounted by $100 or more by looking at Georate offers, denoted with a green mark within the app.

Each listing will show you what the weather is expected to look like during the date you've chosen, where the hotel is at on a map, amenities, and even details on why the hotel is featured on the app. If you scroll all the way down you can see how other users have rated this room, and it's service.

Download Hotel Tonight (free)


Do you have a favorite app to prepare for the Fourth of July? Is there a must-have app that we missed here? Be sure to leave us a comment and let us know about it!

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