Digital Offers: Light the way for $30

Have you ever been filling your butane lighter or picking one up from the convenience store and been like, "man, I wish you could light things without flames and accelerant?" No? Me either, but wouldn't it be nice to carry around a handy lighter that doesn't require fuel?

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The Plasma Torch lighter is a lighter that uses plasma wave technology to create a "flame" that's even hotter than fire and can't be snuffed out by the wind. It looks basically like a mini-taser. This is a two-pack, which usually retails for around $200, given the complex technology involved, but at Android Digital Offers, you can get it for $29.99, a savings of 85%.

The Plasma Torch runs off a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and it's good for over 300 uses. Once dead, it charges up again in about an hour. The best part is that these convenient devices are TSA-approved, so travel is a breeze (you won't have to chuck it out at security).

This lighter is chemical free, so there's no harm to you or the environment (unless you touch the hot plasma, so don't do that). You could pay $200 retail, or you could check out Android Central Digital Offers and save 85% and pay only $29.99.

Set all the things on fire for $30 Learn more

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