Get one of the best fitness trackers around for half off

The fitness tracker market is quite wide, but it isn't necessarily all that deep. There are a handful of trackers that are truly worth your money and then there are a boatload of duds that simply track steps and have apps that are poorly translated or altogether useless.

Fashionably track your fitness goals for $90 Learn more

Great fitness trackers that look great are somewhat hard to come by. Yes, many let you customize the band, but the actual faces lack elegance or any real flair. The ones that do are often quite expensive and value fashion at the expense of function.

The Withing Activité Steel activity tracker is the perfect blend of function and fashion in that its gorgeous and sophisticated-looking watch face sits atop technology that tracks steps, distance, swimming, jogging, and calories burned, while also able to track your sleep cycles and to coach you on fitness and better sleep habits. Straight from Withings, the Activité Steel is $179.95, but at Android Central Digital Offers, it's only $89.95, a savings of 50%.

With the Activité Steel comes the free Health Mate app, which, using data provided by the tracker, helps to give you a picture of your overall health and provides you with tips and solutions for weight loss and attaining other fitness-related goals. And it does all this while looking like a $300 watch, thanks to its gorgeous analog face.

Fashionably track your fitness goals for $90 Learn more

If you're looking for a fitness tracker that keeps stock of all of your fitness goals while also looking refined enough to wear to the gym and then to a fancy dinner, then the Withings Activité Steel is the way to go, and Android Central Digital Offers is the place to get it for only $89.95.

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