Nintendo Switch E3 trailers – Metroid Prime 4, Super Mario Odyssey, and Rocket League

It only took them 25 minutes, but Nintendo has announced a mountain of new games, including a core Pokémon RPG for Switch.

Nintendo Switch E3 trailers – Metroid Prime 4 and Super Mario Odyssey

Much as they do with everything, Nintendo has a peculiar attitude to E3. They haven’t hosted a physical pre-show event for years and yet they’re always one of the biggest stands at the show – even when they only have one game (Zelda: Breath Of The Wild last year). The queues for non-journos to see that was over five hours, so we dread to think how long you’ll have to wait to see this year’s main attraction: Super Mario Odyssey.

Because we’ve got a reserved slot we’re off to do that right now, but in the meantime Nintendo has just run their annual pre-recorded ‘Nintendo Spotlight’ video. It was only… Read the full story

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