Aim for new heights in Leap On!, the latest game from Noodlecake Studio [Best New Games for Android]

What are the latest games worth checking out in the Google Play Store?

Update July 28, 2017: Check out the addictive new arcade game Leap On!, then unravel a dark mystery in Nobodies. Finally, gather a group of friends together to play a deceptive game of Triple Agents!

There are thousands and thousands of games available in the Google Play Store, with more being added every month. With so much content hitting the app store, it can be damn near impossible to keep up with all the latest releases and determine which games are worth your time.

Here at Android Central, we want to help. We'll be using this space to let you know about the latest gaming releases for Android that we think deserve your attention. We'll be checking in and updating this page weekly as new games are released, so refresh often!

Leap On!

The latest game published by the fine folks at Noodlecake Studios is a fun, one-touch arcade game called Leap On!, where your goal is to hit the white dots to keep jumping while avoiding the black bits.

The controls are dead simple — just tap and hold to orbit your little sprite around the center block. The more revolutions around you go, the higher your multiplier bonus. There are also power ups that will randomly appear to help you keep it going. The game tracks your playing stats including total play time, furthest leap, and largest multiplier, so you're constantly battling to beat your high score.

Really, this is just a fun and colorful game that's surprisingly addictive. I'd say it's a pretty great time-waster if you've got any traveling yet to do for your summer vacation. The game is free to play with an in-app purchase available to remove ads. How high can you leap?

Download: Leap On (Free w/IAPs)


Fans of the point-and-click genre should definitely check out Nobodies, a dark narrative-driven game wherein you're tasked with cleaning up crime scenes as part of a top-secret cover up.

You play an aspiring lawyer that got too close to a top secret government and was falsely imprisoned for treason. But now a mysterious contact has set to free you from jail, on the condition that you help eliminate all traces of the project that lead to your arrest.

The artwork here is nice, with over 35 different scenes to investigate and explore. The puzzles are challenging and the story is engaging, with the developers even stating that the game is based on a true story — because fact is always stranger than fiction. The game is free to play, with an in-app purchase available to remove ads.

Download: Nobodies (Free)

Triple Agent

Looking for a fun new party game to play with your friends? Check out Triple Agent! Its a game of deception, hidden identities, and back stabbing that only requires a mobile device and the app.

It's a game for 5 to 9 players where everyone is given a secret identity as either a Service agent or a Virus agent. It's the goal of the group to root out the Virus agents and send them to jail. Meanwhile, the Virus agents are aware of who the other Virus agents are in the group, and their aim is to deceive the Service agents into suspecting one of their own.

After everyone is assigned their team, there's a round of discoveries where each player is given a secret cache of information which they can choose to share, keep secret, or lie about.

It only takes a few minutes to play though a game and since it only requires one phone to play, anyone can get in on the fun. Check out Triple Agent for free in the Google Play Store.

Download: Triple Agent (Free)

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